Moon//Nimble space robotics

SAMPLR will be used to explore Earth's moon by acquiring samples and determining the geotechnical properties of lunar regolith. Maxar will provide a complete robotic system including all avionics, mechanical systems and operational support while on the lunar surface.

SAMPLR is one of 12 externally developed payloads that NASA selected as part of its Artemis lunar program to send the first woman and the next man to the moon by 2024 in preparation for a human mission to Mars. As the first robotic arm used on the moon since the Surveyor missions more than 50 years ago, SAMPLR will travel to its destination aboard a yet-to-be-selected commercial lunar lander through NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services project. The arm represents Maxar's latest generation of robotic systems and leverages the company's proven components from NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission, which included the long-lived rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

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